President’s Message

narayan (1) Dear Fellow Community Members and Friends of Nepal,
Welcome to Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)!!!
At the outset, we greatly appreciate your active participation and engagement in our community programs and activities. Your continual support towards TNCC has produced many significant accomplishments since its establishment. We would like to express our gratitude to all TNCC members for unanimously reelecting us for another term 2015-17. With great pleasure we are taking your trust as an honor. We want to assure you that we will remain fully committed to do our best to move TNCC to the next level. We look forward to serve you with full enthusiasm.
The mission of this organization is to preserve Nepalese Cultural and Heritage by uniting our community in the Triad area. Our goal is also to support welfare of community members by delivering direct and supportive services, creating opportunity for the community members and enabling their competency.  The social network of our community is constructed from a shared sense of belonging. Our focus will be in promoting our arts, culture and Nepalese identity.
Before going any further we would first like to welcome newcomers, who have recently arrived in the Triad region. It is our great honor to greet you here in the Triad North Carolina. Our emphasis will be on helping new community members in smoothly integrating in their newfound home in USA.
Past few years have been tremendously productive in the sense that we have been able to accomplish many significant achievements, which will greatly impact our next generation. For example, TNCC Nepali Pathshala (School) program has achieved a great success in teaching our language and culture to our new generation. It is an undisputed fact that gaining ability and knowledge of our own language and culture will be a great asset to our children in their adult life.
Another landmark achievement is the purchase of a property for our community center, which we have named as Nepali Heritage Center of Carolinas (NHCC). We are extremely thankful for all the efforts made by past BODs, TNCC members, donors and volunteers for their hard work and contributions. We believe that NHCC will remain as a perfect motive for our community to remain united. United we can provide impactful services to community and beyond. We believe NHCC will allow us opportunities to share, celebrate and exchange knowledge, culture and ideas. NHCC provides not only a meeting place for Nepalese Diasporas but also serves as an information center for the whole community. We will work hard to turn NHCC as a strong attraction point for everyone with interest in Nepal and Nepali culture to get together, share knowledge, promote Nepali culture/heritage and grow.
For next two years TNCC BODs’ primary goal will be to promote efforts in advancing NHCC to the next level. We appeal all TNCC members, Nepalese friends and other communities to join us and help us make a difference in the community. Our organizational goal can be accomplished only through your support, and we will be able to make another history in our lifetime. We request you all to obtain TNCC membership and participate in TNCC programs/activities providing us your helping hands.
We have 11th NASeA/ ANMA Joint convention as an upcoming event just around the corner. We proudly announce that TNCC is hosting this event here in the Triad area (Greensboro-High Point) during the Labor Day weekend Sep 4-6, 2015. We all know devastating earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th, 2015 which crippled infrastructure and livelihoods, killing 8786 and injuring 23000 people. There is a desperate need of support and it is our moral and solemn responsibility to extend our help towards our motherland. With this background we have set our 2015 Convention theme as “Help us to Rebuild Nepal: Save the Lost at any Cost”. We devote this convention to rebuild Nepal. We heartily welcome you to the 11th NASeA/ ANMA Joint Convention 2015. Your participation and active support is essential to make this convention a grand success.
In closing, we would like to extend our appreciation to each of you who have shown strong commitment and willingness in spending his/her valuable time to promote the mission and best interests of our community. Great thanks to the fellow TNCC Board members who are fully committed to make a difference. We believe what once was a dream and seemed so far away, is now becoming a reality, a stronger Nepali community in the Triad.
With Best regards,
Narayan Khadka
President, TNCC

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