Nepali Pathshala Curriculum Development


Dear all,
I am writing this email to coordinate our efforts for preparing Nepali Pathshala (School) curriculum and the materials. As we all know that this is not easy task to prepare these materials and even more challenging job is to make them digestible for our kids growing here in the US.
We realize that we have to teach our kids our language, culture, and heritage. That’s the reason, we are volunteering and running Nepali Pathshala in many cities and the number is growing.
We have very limited resources available online. So we need to develop a curriculum and materials from scratch and deliver to our kids. My feeling is that if we can share our thoughts, curriculum and materials, we will have mutual benefits and kids will learn even better.
As the summer is approaching, kids will be out of regular school and we need to focus them to engage in life learning education!. In the mean time, we can share our thoughts, materials and develop a preliminary plan (or curriculum) and implement the combined curriculum with educational materials in the Fall semester. We can even take an opportunity to meet (of course most of us if not all possible in person) and review the curriculum during the NASeA/ANMA joint convention in September, 2015.
Please share your thoughts and let’s coordinate our efforts so that we do not have to duplicate the preparation work.
Of course, please feel free to share or add other interested volunteers for this work.
Sincerely yours,
Samir Guragain, Ph.D.
336 354 2821

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