Nepali Pathsala “Graduation Ceremony” Year 2


Attention all Pathsala Members


TNCC families who are interested in getting involved in Pathsala activities either by volunteering or enrolling their children!!!

TNCC Nepali Pathsala invites you to attend Nepali Pathsala 2015 Graduation Ceremony & Potluck Brunch. Please follow the link below to RSVP by choosing an item(s) to bring to the event.


Venue: Piedmont Environmental Center, 1220 Penny Road, 27265

Date and Time : Sunday June 21st, 9:00am to 12:00am


9am             Opening note by TNCC president Narayan Khadka

9:10am       Graduation Speech by Ajit Karki

9:20am       Student Showcase: Play फट्याङ्ग्रा घुम्न जाँदा by all students and parents

9:40am        Presentation of Certificates, Recognition of Volunteers

10:00am      Closing Remark by Nepali Pathsala Chair Sau Silwal

10am to 12 noon  Graduation Brunch

*Master of the Ceremony: Dipak Ranabhat


Please RSVP for Pathsala graduation event at your earliest convenience by following the link below. Please also sign up to bring at least 2 items (e.g. a snack and a menu item) to bring to the graduation party, so we will have enough food to enjoy. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Please Donate

TNCC invites you to join Mahapuran in August 14th - 20th 2017. See below for more details....