May 4th, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Date : May 4th, 2015 Venue: 3728 Pemberton Way, High Point, NC 27265

Dear Community Members,

TNCC Board of Directors met on May 4th, 2015 at NHCC at 6.30. Although it was a short notice, we appreciate all of you for attending the meeting. Today, there were few but very important agendas to discuss and we were successful in concluding them.

  1. The BODs decided to split the collected fund of $5,000 in half ($2,500 each), and sending them to two different reliable organizations by tomorrow 5/5/2015. $2,500 will be donated to Non -Resident Nepalese Organization (NRN) led by Mr. Shesh Ghale and $2,500 will be donated to Nepal America Medical Foundation. (Appreciation goes out to all the donors).
  1. Total of $19,900.00 is needed to demolish the pool, backfill with compact-able soil and obtain a certification of compaction. TNCC will be transferring total of $7,000 to NHCC account from its fund to cover the total budget of $19,900.00. In this situation TNCC is left with very limited amount of fund for itself. Thus, BODs and NHCC decided to conduct a round of telephone calls to those people who have pledged to donate to community center.
  1. Donations from TNCC  should not go to a specific place and/or single person for distribution. With these policies and donors’ voice, we have decided to send the first installment of $5000 for immediate relief. And keep collecting donations, next installment would go to red cross and/or other organizations to be decided based on performance.

Thank You !

Roshan Bhandari

General Secretary


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