May 12th, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Date : May 12th, 2015 Venue: 3728 Pemberton Way, High Point, NC 27265
The BOD decided as:

  • Phase 1 of Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund efforts is concluded now, however Phase 2 Nepal Earthquake Relief fund raise initiative will continue.
  • Donation boxes placed in different stores and various places will be collected soon.
  • Proposed to inquire what happened to Wells Fargo $100,000.00 fund that was declared by the Bank to donate to Nepal Earthquake Victims and Bank of America pledges to earthquake victims.
  • $700.00 collected at Wells Fargo account will be donated to Hoske, Sindhupalchowk as proposed by BOD Mr. Bishal Bharati.
  • Effective now all fund collected in TNCC accounts for Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund will be donated and disbursed according to TNCC guidelines. Please do not deposit at TNCC bank accounts if you intend to send the fund to a particular person, organization or place.
  • Dil B. Chhetri’s humble request to consider some fund to assist his family in Nepal is considered seriously. It is proposed to initiate to help him and his family in personal level.
  • 50% of the remaining Earthquake Fund will be donated to Victims through American Red Cross and 50% will be donated to Nepal Prime Minister Relief Fund.
  • BOD meeting passed to gravel with ABC rock stone when pool demo is completed. Cost to gravel is $2,100.0.
  • Rajan Dhaubhadel, Board of Director came forward to donate $500.00 to NHCC.
  • Meeting proposed to conduct TNCC BOD meeting once in every two months. If possible meeting can be joined through conference call. Also brainstormed to purchase a conference call phone if feasible.
  • All participants of the meeting offered one-minute moment of silence for Nepal earthquake victims.


Roshan Bhandari

General Secretary



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