June 13th, 2015 Meeting Minutes

First of all I would like to thank Mrs Prabha Marhatta and family for hosting this month’s BOD meeting at her residence on 6.13.2015.
1. Guidelines on NHCC and other committees- duties and power:
TNCC Committees are to assist the Board of Directors to facilitate its functions. Flow communication is needed between TNCC Board and Committees.
Regarding NHCC: Rental policy and forms are to be strictly enforced. Rental needs to be coordinated with NHCC and a completed form is mandatory.
In addition to this, liability insurance is required for our attendees’ safety and protection. So, the person/organization who rents the property for their events should provide it. If there is an option available to buy the liability insurance by the NHCC, the cost will be added to the rent. But the preferred way is to have the insurance by renters.
Rental rates:
Member $ 100
Non-Member $ 200
Regular maintenance up to $200 can be decided/spent by NHCC committee. Discussed about the maintenance, fund raising, and site plan.
2. NASeA/ANMA Convention-TNCC welcome email/flyer/NASeA/ANMA Convention Liaison:
Welcome email has been already sent out. A poster needs to be designed and printed to dispaly during the convention. Rajan, Basanta and team will work on this. More Follow ups and communications are required in order to avoid the last minute decisions/work.
3. Committees’ reports:
NHCC, Nepali Pathsala, youth and sports and fund raising committees’ progress reports were submitted. Committee’s reports are on track and keep working.
4. Membership Drive Coordinator: In order to expand the TNCC community, the Board decided to launch a Membership drive. Mrs. Prabha Marhatta was appointed to lead this initiative.
5. NHCC Fundraising/Capital Campaign-Plan for fundraising for NHCC Building:
TNCC is now focusing on fund raising for NHCC Building. In order to attract the outside community support a Capital campaign meeting is scheduled with Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro on June 18 at 2:30 pm. Requested BODs to become available and join the meeting.
In addition, the following fundraising plans will be undertaken:
Lottery during convention $10 ticket and prizes first second and third (iPad, tablet, gift card options were discussed prizes are not finalized)
10/12 Program
In order to coordinate the program effectively Mrs. Santwona Khadka was appointed for the coordinator.
Cultural Show for NHCC-Jitu Nepal, Komal Oli, Badri Pageni and others: To be decided as they arrive and timeline.
6. TNCC Calendar events :
5K Run during Convention – coordinator Roshan and Team
Lottery — Coordinator NHCC and team
TNCC Booth at Convention – Coordinator Basanta Khadka and Team
Teej – Coordinators (Sept 12) Mrs. Prabha Marhatta and team
Dashain – Coordinators (Oct 17) Mrs. Prabha Marhatta and team
Deushi-bhailo – Coordinators (Nov 11-13) Mrs. Prabha Marhatta and team
7. The remaining Earthquake Relief Fund: The remaining fund will be handed over to Nepal Ambassador Dr. Arjun Karki
towards Nepal Prime Minister Fund. Tentative date July 12th. Arrange Dr. Karki’s visit to NHCC and the check hand-over program at NHCC.
8. OthersMembers list to update on TNCC website.Ecolab grant info by Ramji Koirala. The Grant will be written by Rajan, Samir and teamReimburse the cost to Manoj Jha of $ 278.34 for the material cost of NHCC site plan
Roshan Bhandari
General Secretary

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