Aug 08th, 2015 Meeting Minutes

TNCC Board Meeting
August 8, 2015
4304 Juniper Dairy Ct. High Point NC 27265
TNCC Board met and discussed the pre-set agenda and made the following decisions:
First session:

  1. Planning and preparation of Teej & Dashain : Prabha Marhatta
  2. Teej celebration will be held at hall somewhere. Hall is not confirmed yet. The Dashain will be celebrated at NHCC.
    The program committee led by Mrs. Marhatta will decide about the date, venue and registration fees about Teej celebration. About Teej, it will be just after the joint convention so the participants might be less (it was raised as a concern during the discussion as an input for the program committee if it needs to be decided otherwise).

    1. Evaluation of previous decisions and its implementation: All
    2. 10/12 program’s progress update was made by BOD Santwana Khadka.

      1. Grant ideas for High Point Foundation due August 12: Narayan Khadka
      2. Rajan and Samir will explore the possibility to write and prepare a proposal before the deadline if possible.

        1. Finance report: Ramji Koirala
        2. There are 5 different accounts in 2 banks. There is little (or no) money in accounts. So, maintenance fee is also an issue. Avoid the maintenance fee and if required close current accounts and open another account in a regional/local banks to avoid maintenance fee. Need more money and donors!

          1. Others
          2. Considering the demand of community members for building a Temple at NHCC, a Town hall meeting (all members and well-wishes are cordially invited) to brainstorm the ideas and to hear the suggestions will be held on Saturday (August 15th) from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.
            Resignation made by Roshan Bhandari , the General Secretary of TNCC due to his personal health concern/issue has been approved by thanking him for his great community service and contributions. TNCC Board also wished him for his speedy recovery and better life ahead. Until this position is filled, current Joint-Secretary will be served as acting General Secretary.
            Any interested candidates for the position should contact the TNCC BODs. This position needs to be filled as soon as possible because the NASeA-ANMA joint-convention is happening here in few weeks. It will also be discussed in the town hall meeting at NHCC on Saturday (August 15th) from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
            Second Session

            1. Joint Convention Overview: Convention Chair Madhav Dhakal updated the progress on NASEA/ANMA joint convention 2015.
            2. Current status is satisfactory but more work to be done as the registered participants are more than in previous conventions.

              1. Update on TNCC activities during the Joint Convention
              2. TNCC’s 5K update: Roshan Bhandari
                Lottery update: Dr. Ritesh Poudyal
                Ticket printing is underway. The distribution is starting soon
                Booth update: Basanta Khadka
                Good location for booth and needs involvement from all to show our accomplishments and needs!
                TNCC Blood Drive Update: Narayan Khadka
                Rajanji will co-ordinate the blood drive. TheBlood Donors of America will partner with TNCC to coordinate the Blood Drive during the Convention. The Blood Drive will be held on Sunday Sept. 6 from 1.00pm to 5pm.
                TNCC’s leadership role in the Forums- Community Centers, Pathsala, Professionals: All
                Community Centers forum will be moderated by Dr. Ritesh Poudyal and
                Pathsala forum by Dr. Saubhagya Silwal. TNCC’s the respective presentations will be made in both forums.
                The meeting was followed by the dinner provided by Mrs. Susma Dhakal and Mr. Madhav Dhakal at their residence. The meeting thanked them for the delicious dinner and the location for meeting.

                1. Narayan Khadka
                2. Susma Dhakal
                3. Samir Guragain
                4. Ramji Koirala
                5. Dipak Ranabhat
                6. Bishal Bharati
                7. Santwona Khadka
                8. Rajan Dhaubhadel

                Madhav Dhakal
                Ritesh Poudyal
                Basant Khadka
                Bibhor Rimal
                Prashim Poudyal
                Shibani Poudyal
                Nagen Sotang
                Roshan Shrestha

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