April 26th, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Date : April 26th, 2015 Venue: NHCC

Emergency Meeting for the victims of Nepal Earthquake: 

Emergency meeting held at our own property NHCC was attended by several community members and we were able to raise/pledge the total of $2,156 and come up with different ideas to help the cause. The total monetary contribution will go to the victims of the biggest earthquake to strike Nepal after several decades via one of the following organization (mentioned below), so that the collected fund is effectively used. We have not yet decided on one but will do soon and will let you know asap.

  1. Red Cross
  3. America Nepal Medical Foundation
  4. Please give us more legitimate options

We are deeply saddened by the devastation back home and we are doing our best to raise funds so that it would help the people in need. We would like to ask each and every members of our community to reach out to their friends, neighbors, coworkers and extended family members to help us help the victims of this terrible tragedy.  With your help, We, TNCC would like to walk hand in hand with our beloved country Nepal throughout the rescue, relief and rebuilding process – “It’s our obligation”.

Today we were able to start our fundraising drive with the collections and commitments of $2,156 in total and we are expecting that grow fast in a near future. I have provided you with a list of early donors who have already donated and the names of people who have pledged to donate monetarily for this cause, we all appreciate your contribution, thank you so much.


Girwan Pokharel and family – $200

Madhav Dhakal and family – $201

Mahendra Thapa and family – $200


Deepak Ranabhat and Family – $201

Roshan Bhandari and Family – $200

Bishwa  k Giri     – $51

Bisal Bharati and family – Rs 50,000

Narayan Khadka – $101

Nagen Sotang and Family – $200

Ramji Koirala and Family – $101

Pralad   Shah    – $201

Last but not least, we would like to thank our own Agni Restaurant and Great Wraps for pledging to donate 10% from their selected sales for the cause.


We would like to encourage our community members to donate at following bank accounts Wells Fargo or BOA (please provide Bank Information here)

We would also like to encourage our community members to add to the list of following ideas to help us raise more funds to help our fellow countrymen who are staring at the tragic times of their lives.

  1. Donation Box
  2. Mass email to your contacts
  3. Proceed from Garage/Yard Sale
  4. % of profit to donation
  5. Candle light vigil
  6. Set up information booths
  7. Matching donation

To end the note I would like to ask everyone to come together to help our country recover from this tragic event as soon as possible. Thank you all for your help everyone, our thoughts and our prayers are with you and your family. Please keep in touch with your loved ones back home – they need you more now than ever.

General Secretary

Roshan Bhandari


Please Donate

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