April 24th, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Date : April 24th, 2015 Venue: 3728 Pemberton Way, High Point, NC 27265

The first meeting of our newly elected members of the Board of TNCC was held at Mr. Narayan Khadka’s residence on 4/24/2015. We would like to thank our President of TNCC Mr. Narayan Khadka and his family for hosting the meeting at their residence.

Pre meeting agenda were as follows:

  1. Forming New Committees
  2. NHCC update
  3. Filling vacant BOD position
  4. Reviewing Newsletter publication
  5. TNCC Website update
  6. Miscellaneous

The meeting started at 7pm with the committee members, retired BODs from our previous term as well as newly elected BODs present together to discuss about our future direction of TNCC.

  1. First of all we would like to thank Dr. Rajan Dhaubhadel accepting a remaining BOD position for our new term. (Thank you Rajan Ji for accepting and looking forward to working with you).
  2. Concluded in the meeting we have unanimously nominated fellow members of the community as a chairperson of the following committees.
  3. Fundraising and Management Committee – Mr. Basanta Khadka
  4. Publication Committee – Dr. Samir Guragai
  5. Pathsala Committee – Dr. Saubhagya Silwal
  6. Cultural Committee – Mr. Bisal Bharati
  7. Public relations, Youth & Sports Committee – Roshan Bhandari
  8. Grant Committee – Dr. Manoj Jha
  9. NHCC Chairperson – Dr. Ritesh Poudel
  10. IT, Outreach & Social Network Committee – Dr. Rajan Dhaubhadel
  11. Lottery of $10 at the ANMA/Nasea convention will be coordinated by Dr. Ritesh Poudel.
  12. The Board has agreed on 10/12 plan as opposed to 20/10 plan to raise funds from willing donors. The concept of the plan is that a single member of the community will commit to donating $10 per month for 12 months to contribute towards the general NHCC fund.
  13. Dr. Ritesh Poudel gave us a presentation of the vision of NHCC including future design of the building, income generation plans and uses of the building. Dr. Ritesh Poudel also provided the draft of a contract and policies to rent the NHCC.
  14. 5k run at ANMA/Nasea convention will be organized on Saturday, September 5th 2015.
  15. The new board decided to pay $300 to the SKROLLZ PVT. Limited for their help on developing, hosting and updating our new websites.

In conclusion, I would like to thank each and everyone presented at the first meeting of our new term and I am looking forward to working with everybody.

General Secretary

Roshan Bhandari

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