April 19th, 2017 Meeting Minutes



We had our first joint board meeting with the newly elected and retiring
members of TNCC on April 29th 2017.  The meeting initiated with the transition
of power to the newly elected President Mrs. Santwona Khadka. All the important
documents were handed over to her. We discussed various agendas during the first
meeting. The meeting focused on the current problems faced by the community
and possible future endeavours for the next two years.


1. Community Center Maintenance

The first issue that was brought up was in context of the TNCC Center
needing some minor repairs and the need for the TNCC center to be used more
often than it is.  It is mostly left abandoned and unused all year round. There is also
a security concern as belongings of the TNCC have been missing due to negligence
and also because we host very few activities throughout the year. TNCC will look
to use this space more as a community and also as an area for Nepalese to hang out
and relax with friends. We encourage all member to have you events, games,
meeting, and leisure activities at community center.


2. TNCC – Building/ Play house plans
Secondly, as discussed earlier, focusing on whether TNCC should build
space for religious activities/party place as its long-term goal. A suggestion for
children playhouse as a short-term goal has been acknowledge by BOD member.
The playhouse is an excellent idea for a short-term goal. It is for kids and it will
increase the activity in community center.
As per our thoughts, Nepalese host a lot of parties and functions and a lot of
us host parties elsewhere. We donate our money to other communities or churches.
It would be highly beneficial for our community if we built a Function/prayer
building. However, much is needed to be done to realize this project. We would
have to urgently hire a professional architect for design and estimate purposes from
where the plans for funds can be laid out.


3. Board of Trustees
The Board has suggested to form a Board of Trustees where people who
have donated $2,000 or more to the TNCC will be eligible to join this panel. The
Board of Trustees will also serve as the advisory committee to the current

4. Main Events and Dates

  • August 14-20th  Mahapuran Event
  • September 23 rd  – Dashian
  • October 19,20,21,22 Deusi Bhailo
  • February 25 th  Sunday – Holi
  • April 14 th  Saturday – Nepali New Year TNCC day

Other events proposed

  1. Focus on holidays like Easter and Halloween for kids.
  2. Focus for fund raising dinner at least twice a year.
  3. Events such as Mother’s, Father’s Day , July 4 th
  4. Different Puja/prayers throughout the year


A) Publication Committee
1.  Dr. Samir Guragai (Chair)
2.  Geeta Kandel


B) Nepali Pathsala
1. Dr. Saubhagya Silwal (Chair)
2. Pradeep/ Ansu Khakural
3. Dr. Samir Guragai


C) IT Committee
1. Dr. Rajan Dhaubhadel (Chair)
2. Soven Shrivastav
3. Keshav Neupane


D)  Membership Committee Fundraising
1. Basanta Khadka (Chair)
2. Dr. Narayan Khadka
3. Sabitri Ranabhat
4. Deepak Ranabhat
5. Sabitri Ranabhat
6. Dr Jagan Subedi
7. Dr. Samir Guragai
8. Girwan Pokhrel
9. Bishal Bharati


E) Grant Committee
1. Dr. Rajan Dhaubhadel (Chair)
2. Dr. Manoj Jha

3. Ramji Koirala
4. Dr. Narayan Khadka

F) Cultural Committee
1. Bishal Bharati (Chair)
2. Dipak Ranabhat
3. Geeta Kandel
4. Nagen Sotang
5. Roshan Shrestha
6. Norbu Lama


G) Community Center Management Committee
1. Roshan Bhandari (Chair)
2. Mahendra Thapa
3. Rohit Ranabhat
4. Ujjawal Chalise
5. Girwan Pokhrel


H) Event Committee Event /Food
1. Indira Lammichhane (chair)
2. Sonad Sitaula
3. Muna Poudel
4. Kamala Shrestha
5. Bandana Khadka
6. Keshav Neupana


I) Youth/Sports/ Volunteer Committee
1. Rohit Ranabhat (chair)
2. Geeta Kandel
3. Bipul Khadka
4. Rinku Yadhav
5. Anushka Shrestha
6. Mushkan Khadka


J) Bhawan Nirman Committee
1. Roshan Bhandari (Chair)
2. Dr. Jagan Subedi
3. Dr. Manoj Jha
4. Dr. Narayan Khadka
5. Rohit Ranabhat
K)  Finance Committee
1. Dipak Ranabhat (Chair)
2. Pradeep Kahkural
3. Naresh Thapaliya
4. Ramii Koirala


Let’s hope that we can all come together more often, help each other out, help the
community grow, spread love and friendship among our little brothers and sisters,
connect with more members, and lastly enjoy another year together as one.


Lastly, our first event that the TNCC will be organizing for this year on May
27 th  will be a Blood Drive, which falls on Saturday. TNCC is looking to organize
the event in association with SAN. If in case we are unable to do so, our next event
for blood drive will be around October.



Rohit S. Ranabhat
General Secretary, TNCC
(336) 740-2837

Please Donate

TNCC invites you to join Mahapuran in August 14th - 20th 2017. See below for more details....