2015 Earthquake Victim Candlelight Visil


Dear Community Members, Friends, Families, and Our International Friends,

All the Nepalese, friends of Nepal and international friends in Triad region and beyond are invited to a candlelight vigil in honor and memory of the victims of the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal. The natural disaster of 7.8 magnitude killed more than 5600 people (and still rising) and injured several thousand with heavy destructions everywhere. It has also wiped away some of the major monuments and several other cultural and natural heritage sites located in the area.

Please come with candles, cups, flowers, unique Nepalese items, your thoughts, prayers and friends/families or yourself and light a candle in solidarity to show our beloved ones in Nepal that we stand together and they are not alone while they are living in panic and devastated area. And we share with them their fear, their pain, our love and ourselves, in mind and in spirit. Please spread this message to your friends and families. Also, please feel free to share this email as much as you can for this great humanitarian cause.

Deep River Recreation Center
1529 Skeet Club Rd,
High Point, NC 27265
Date: Friday, May 1, 2015
Time: 7 PM
Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC) 3519 Imperial Drive, High Point, NC 27265 336-707-0592


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TNCC invites you to join Mahapuran in August 14th - 20th 2017. See below for more details....